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Let's Digitize That!

So that they are truly timeless.  Fill out our form to get started. 

Is this order personal or for a business?
Tell us about your transfer project. Select all the items that you have to transfer:

Thank You! We are reviewing your request. A friendly member of our staff will be in contact within 48-business hours.  

Details to include in your request (if you can).

Tell us the specifics of your item. For example, if you are sending in video, is it a VHS or 8MM? How long is it? Here is a list of common items that people include in their details to us:

Common Formats:

  • VHS

  • VHS-8

  • Hi-8

  • 8mm

  • Mini DV

  • Mini DVD

  • Flash Drive

  • SD/CF Card

  • Photos

  • Slides

  • Audio Cassette

  • Reel to Reel

  • 45 or 78 Vinyl

  • 33 (LP) Vinyl

Common Length/Quantity:

  • Total Run Time per item

  • # of items in that category

Common Requested Delivery Formats:

  • MP3; MP4

  • DVD or Blu-Ray


  • Apple Pro-Res

  • WAV 

  • AIFF

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