Dreamland Villa gets

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Dreamland Villa Computer Club Fundraiser

Preserve your memories to DVD and Digital

with a TFL Transfer kit.

Every format accepted for transfer

Tapes, Films, Slides, Photos, Audio

Drop-Off Location:

Dreamland Villa Computer Club

Address: 320 N. 55th pl. Mesa, AZ 85205

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am- 4pm

Contact: Cathy Jageler

Email: dreamland@gmail.com

All orders include:

  • Manual editor review

  • Color Correction

  • Audio Adjustments 

  • Blank Spot Removal

Purchase a Kit

Each kit contains instructions and labels for the number of items you want to transfer.

Label & Dropoff

Drop off your labeled items at the designated fundraiser site.

Receive in 14 Days

Your items will be expertly transferred and returned with your new digital keepsakes.


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